About us

Hamilton Electric, a family owned business, has been providing quality electrical apparatus repair since 1974.

Our highly experienced and detail-oriented repair technicians make all the difference in the quality of our service. We are capable of repairing large AC/DC motors, small electronic equipment, and everything in between. 

Our expertise includes all types of AC and DC electric motors, servo motors, spindle motors and drive, generators, welders, VFD's and more.

Since Hamilton opened for business in 1974, our company has evolved its repair capabilites to include four major divisions; Electric Motors, Welder, Industrial Electronics and Generators.

Our wide range of repair capabilities has enabled Hamilton Electric to thrive in Michigan's challenging economy by serving many different industries, from Manufacturing to Agricultural to Municipalities.

Hamilton Electric's outstanding service comes from a shop composed of dependable, hard-working technicians, who know their trade, led by an owner known for his integrity. At Hamilton we strive to help companies minimize downtime, and maximize production and profitability.